HONEY™ S is a modular slab/beam formwork system using dropheads for early dismantlement.
The most prominent advantage is its flexibility.
One set of formwork & Support System can be used perfectly throughout the entire building from basements, over podium to typical floors with remarkable benefits:

  1. Light & Safe
  2. High Productivity
  3. Easy to use
  4. Cost effective


Main Specifications

– FUVI Modular Slipform uses Gear Rods (no jack rods remain in concrete)
– Max speed: 0.6m / hour
– Space for Rebar and block-out pre-installation (before slipping): 1.52 m
– FUVI Gear Rod outside the Cylinder replaces traditional jaws and jack rods inside jacks: More reliable & precise
– Universal Yoke Size : 480mm x 100mm
– Form Height: 1250mm
– Typical panel: 1250mm length – Plastic EHU with 2mm steel plate cover: Allows for fast change of form surface when required
– Platform: 1550mm Width – Plastic EHU with 2mm galvanized steel riffle plate cover (anti-slip surface)


FUVI Jumpforms are designed to increase worker safety while minimizing labor and required crane time. FUVI Jumpform System provides one of the most innovative jumpform designs available today.

Internal Jumpform : The Internal Jumpform combines FUVI® Shear Wall System with Hinge corners , super-strong interior frames and platforms , using “Click-Clack” brackets, Push – pull props  allow the internal jumpform to safely mount to the internal walls of the liftcore, and to safely climb or be lifted to next floor level.



Auto-Climbing Perimeter Protection System, covering 3 Building Floors:

– Height of modular facades to cover 3 floors

– 3 Platforms

– Operated (up and down) by  two electric motors

– Transmission by gear and gear rod

– Three Level Safety

  • Brake in transmission system
  • 4 Locker Units per Module
  • Ultimate fall arrester at the end of gear rod